Pench National Park opens twice daily to visitors. Local guides accompany game drives and are provided upon at the park entrance. Jeeps are free to follow their own route along tracks, using pugmarks and alarm calls as indicators of a nearby predator.
Favorable Months for visiting the park are from November to June.
The best period for sightings is between Feb and April.

The Park visit timings depends on the time of the sunrise and sunset. The Park opens for visit, half an hour after sunrise and closes half an hour before sunset. For most part of the year it would be safe to say that the timings are as follows:

Summer (April-June): 0630 hr-1030 hr & 1530 hr-1830 hr
Winter (October-March): 0700 hr-1100 hr & 1500 hr-1800 hr.

With a total area of 1179.63 Square Kilometres of Pench Tiger Project, Experience Wilderness Like never before.” Enjoy our open gypsy safaris at the following gates…

  1. Turria Gate. (Core Gate Pench M.P.) 8-10 mins drive from the Resort.
  2. Khursapar Gate. (Zone 2 Core Pench M.H.) 12-15 mins drive from the Resort.
  3. Wolf Sanctuary/Night Safari. (Khawasa Zone 1 Pench M.P.) 12-15 mins drive from the Resort.
  4. Sellari Gate. (Zone 1 Core Pench M.H.) 30-35 mins drive from the Resort.
  5. Rukhad Sanctuary Gate. ( Pench M.P.) 30-35 mins drive from Resort.
  6. Teliya Reserve (Pench M.P. / M.H. Animal Transit Corridor) 10 mins from Resort.
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Few Don’ts to remember for the Safari:
  • No Smoking
  • No Noise (talking loudly)
  • Do not get down from the vehicle unless told by the guide / driver
  • Do not litter inside the park
  • Avoid using perfumes / cologne inside the park
  • Avoid wearing bright colorful clothes inside the park
  • Do not use flash while taking pictures of animals close to you
  • No weapons are allowed inside the park
  • Do not feed animals
  • Do not carry mobile phones on Safaris
Most Important:
Last minute entry becomes almost impossible thus book your entry to the park well in advance. We provide you Tea/Coffee and biscuits before the safari and will be provided packed breakfast during the Safari.
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