Star Tigers

Badi Maa (Big Mom)

A Dominant female of Pench National Park, Badi Mada or Badi Maa (Big Mom) became popular after the BBC film – Tiger: The Spy of Jungle. When she along with her litter was filmed using camera traps and elephant log cams for nearly 2 years. The film is till date the most outstanding documentation of tiger behavior in the wild. She had been the ruling queen if Pench National Park for years till she decided to give her prime areas to her daughters : Collar Wali (Collared female) and the Baghin Nulla Tigress.

A clever, cunning and experienced tigress, she still rules a significant part of the park. Badi Mada can be recognized because of a visible ‘Y’ mark on both her flanks.

Collar Wali (Collared Tigress)

The Collar Wali or the Collared Tigress gained instant popularity when she gave birth to a litter of 5 cubs in 2011. The bold tigress acquired her territories from her mother Badi Maa and has been a remarkable mother by protecting and raising all 5 cubs. This tigress is a hot favorite amongst photographers, wildlife enthuiasts and tourusts visiting Pench as they eagerly look forward to seeing an army of marching tigers when she comes out in the open with haer family of 5.

The Collar Wali (without the coolar) can be recognized by and inverted ‘?’ sign on her right flank. In addition she also has the new rupee symbol on the right flank with a ‘S’ shape.